About Us

Yinghui LIU, CEO of ACCESSR, she obtained her electrochemistry and material PhD in May 2018. Always passionate by promoting Sino-European exchanges in the environmental and technology fields, she launched this project from 2019 for the purpose of accelerating and promoting the development of energy storage systems bias supply chain in the three areas: battery cell, machinery and raw material, also a broker service is also available. With solid scientific education from bachelor until PhD from University Paul Sabatier, she has a basic knowledge on economics and politics from Institut d’Etude Politique Toulouse (IEP Toulouse). With multiple education and multiple culture knowledge, she and her team can accompany your energy storage projects in a best condition.

Yinghui LIU is the owner of Wuxi Honghegu Technology Co., Ltd. Together with ACCESSR, we can ensure your business security during the cooperation with China and give you a flexible business channel (dotted line business channel). Today, we are official reseller of MTI Corporation where you can find all kinds of lab scale battery research equipment and battery materials. We have also cooperation with biggest battery producers, battery production line producers and bests battery testing equipment producers in China. 

Our Partners :
Albi Innoprod                  Initiative Tarn
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Adresse : 8 Avenue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
81000, Albi
Courriel : yinghui.liu@accessr-energy.eu
Bureau : +33 (0)5 63 76 08 67
Portable : +33 (0)6 82 14 79 31